Welcome to my blog Sinimalism! I’m Sini and this blog is contemplating deeply and superficially topics like minimalist lifestyle, traveling, healthy lifestyle and sports. Humor and sarcasm may be found on and between the lines. I love contemplating different phenomenona from psychological or philosophical point of view. It would be cool to tell you exactly what you can find from here, saying, for example, that this is a minimalism blog. However, I do not want to make such a clear cut, I don’t want to restrict myself. Anyhow if you were looking for the traditional lifestyle blogs with outfits of the day and cosmetics, this is not what you’re looking for. Instead, you can find quirky, questioning and sarcastic things here. I have lately been inspired more and more of photographing as well, especially while traveling and wandering outdoors.

Minimalistic lifestyle

As the name Sinimalism can already deduce, this blog also contributes to my vision of minimalism. What it is for me, how it comes out everyday and to whom this lifestyle trend fits. I’d like to call myself minimalist, but I’m not so sure of that. That comes to the question, can the whole minimalism be defined so easily? More of these kinds of thoughts you can find naturally from category Minimalism.

Traveling close to the heart

I love traveling and contemplating how different environments and countries make you behave differently. I also love mulling over why things are different in different countries and cultures. As far as studies are concerned, I am Bachelor of Hospitality Management, specialized in outdoor sports tourism. In autumn 2016  I continued studies at the University of Lapland studying Masters of Tourism Research and applied psychology as minor.  However, cold bothered me a bit too much and I’m currently living in Malta and work full time, so my studies are waiting for me in Rovaniemi for a while. Anyhow, you will surely find thoughts of traveling and stories of my trips, as well as living abroad! I started sharing pictures from my trips as well, like these pictures from Valencia  and Valletta. I will also share rather sarcastic lists of different countries, such as 10 don’ts in Finland and What is Malta like.  

Everyday philosopher

I won’t be filling the blog with unnecessarily scientific text, as it would only cause grey hair for both me and readers. Anyhow, I may think of a few everyday topics and phenomenon more philosophically or psychologically. My way of writing may seem a bit grey to some, because I don’t want to see things black and white, one way or the other. I’m not trying to state my point of view is correct and prove others’ suck, but rather to awaken some curiosity and thinking.

“I don’t want you to think like me, I just want you to think!”

For example, I was contemplating sporty lifestyle and physical labour. I also like questioning this whole lifestyleblogging and Instagramming that I’m doing as well.

Free bodyweight and gym workouts

I will share some workouts on my blog. In that way I can easily find them by myself and anybody else can as well utilize them if they wish so. What bothers me nowadays is the high prices of sporty lifestyle. I think sports should be accessible for everyone!
My background is in aesthetic group gymnastics. I’ve done some dancing when I studied performing arts for a year. Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Show – these are the ones. At the moment I’m working out at gym, as well as doing these dance and gymnastics routines and fun fitness workouts outdoors. More of the workouts you can find here.

Healthy lifestyle

It seems that this theme is now the core of all lifestyle blogs, which in itself is not a bad thing. I will put my spoon to this soup as well, telling my tips, points of view and also confusion about this whole concept. Why is healthy lifestyle so often seen as something that is difficult and uncomfortable to get? For example, there can become flaws like this to people: Confidence based on sports

So this is what Sinimalism is made of! Welcome to follow, cooperate, comment and share opinions!

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