Park bench work out

Today I wanted to have a stroll, but then started to feel restless and wanted to do a small work out to sweat a bit. This well-known fitness person Kayla Itsines has been promoted me almost in every social media by friends liking her page/posts/profile. Therefore I thought it can’t hurt to try one of her workouts. This one is fast and short work out, but makes you surely sweat a bit! Do some warming up before, like jogging or walking to the park that has a bench. You can see the original video below, and listing, order and amount of the movements before that!

What you need:
Basic park bench without back


  1. Lunges one leg on the bench 12/leg
  2. Leg raises 12 (lie on your back, lift legs all the way up to chin)
  3. 4 mountain climbers + pushup 12
  4. Jumping over the bench 12
  5. Pushup + jump to bench 12
  6. Knee ups on bench 12/leg
  7. Dip from bench 12

    So this is one round. The idea is to do all the movements three times, so all together three rounds of this routine. In order to understand what the heck these listed movements mean, check this video:

Happy workout!