Get the power for pullups!

This gym back workout is for upper back and biceps. It is a great training if you want to gain more power for pullups or chin-ups. Chin-up and pullup in itself is actually quite technical – once you can do one chin-up, you likely can do a couple of more in a short time. However, you obviously do need strength as well to pull yourself up. So this training is to gain that strength. It doesn’t matter if you can or can not yet do the chin-up, this training will help you get further with your goal.

Movements are simple gym movements and that’s exactly why it’s a good workout! The number of movements is told as 12 x 3, where 12 is number of reps in one set, and 3 is number of sets.

1. Warm up

I ran 12 minutes on treadmill and then opened upper back and body a bit with several movements and stretching.

2. Flat Back extension (find the movement here ) with weight on chest 12 x 3 

3. Chin-up/chin-up with elastic band/chin-up in machine 12 x 3

In this movement you can do chin-ups, if you have the strength to do them already more than one. Optionally, you can do them with a bit of help with elastic band like this
or if you have the luxury of the retarded looking chin-up machine at the gym, don’t be shy to use it. I personally think it looks stupid, but I used that one in this training. With that machine I could do reps 12 x 3

4. Dumbell row 12 x 3 per side

This should be pretty straightforward if working out at the gym is somewhat familiar. In case not, you can check this guy explaining it on the video

5. Wide grip lat pulldown 12 x 3 (this)

6. Bicep curl with barbell 12 x 3 (this)

7. Bent over barbell row 12 x 3 (this)

That’s it, your work out is done! Do a bit of streching for upper back, biceps and arms and you’re ready to take a shower and chill!