I thought of listing my own workouts to my blog. The reason why I decided to do so is because then it’s easier to find them if I want to spontaneously go outdoors to do a workout but don’t have any plans ready. Secondly, I wanted to provide them for others as well. Nowadays internet is full of workouts, guides, fitness plans and all kinds of tips to gain strength, endurance or perfect shape. Quite often you need to pay for them and especially now before year changes, personal trainers, fitness bloggers and gyms are preparing their ”new start” packages. More and more people are getting personal trainer and expensive gym membership and professionals’ equipment. What I don’t like about that is how expensive doing sports can be. Although it should be accessible for everyone!

Free work out guide

That’s why I wanted to share my own work outs here for free if somebody’s willing to try. I know it’s exhausting to try to find quickly something online when there are too many options and then you just give up because you can’t decide. This is my own way to prevent doing so from now on. From now on I can just check which work outs I’ve listed here and choose one of them. In case I find something nice, I write the workout down here. I will also list my work outs that I’ve already done many times.

Bodyweight work out

What kinds of workouts you can find here?

  1. Bodyweight workouts

    This is where I got the whole idea to start listing these. i used to have a notebook (yes, Im oldfashioned) where I had some outdoor workouts written down to which you don’t need any equipment. It was easy to take with when heading outside to do the training. So you will find outdoor work outs and home workouts that don’t require any specific equipment. In case something’s needed, I’ll mention it. I guess I could call them fitness trainings as well.

  2. Gymnastics and dance workouts

    I have previously trained aesthetic group gymnastics and some dancing (jazz, show, contemporary). I still like to keep up these routines sometimes so I’ll write these kinds of work outs here as well. They can be ballet, flexibility, balance, piroutettes or jumping or learning to handstand or anything else in between. Actually agg is like one of the most holistic sports, so here you can find many kinds of trainings.

  3.  Gym workouts

    Thirdly, I’m going to list my gym trainings here as well. You’ll see that they’re quite simple because normally, the simplier the movement at gym, the more effective it is, e.g. squats and deadlifts. No matter if you’re a man or a woman, Arnold’s golden six is a great routine to begin with. Girls may tend to feel like doing these difficult work out movements that famous fitness people do on their videos, like training your ass in smith machine upside down or triceps when lying on stomach on bench. But trust me, you won’t become a hulk or manly at all even if you started with bench presses, squats and deadlift. ”Manly” gym movements wont’ make you look like a man. More like other way around: you gain muscle and therefore need more energy and therefore lose fat as well.

Anyhow, let’s get the workout routine listing started, you can find the first outdoor fitness training here, which one I did today!