I will walk 500 miles

Or at least 5….Because Sundays are always a bit random, we decided just to go to closest bus stop and take the first bus wherever. It happened to go to a place called Swieqi, from where we just kept on walking to an unknown direction. It felt like a chill Sunday stroll in a sunny version of Ireland in the middle of random nowhere.

Adventure beginsSunday adventure begins like all the Sunday adventures: With a random chill picture that was only about to go to Instagram. (Check sindernautti btw)

The purpose of this picture is to find Matt from it. So it’s a mattstery.
find Matt

Next important thing to mention were these good boys. The bigger one was too lazy to bark properly so he just kept on howling. But I’m 100 percent convinced that they were good boys.

good boys

keep on walking…Aaand we kept on walking….

Next stop: we found a random village called Madliena Village where we waited for the little rain to end. Next stop was this majestic bridge.
princess bridgesky mattpizza

After quite a walk we found heaven in a small village. For now, this salmon pizza went to number one of the pizzas I’ve eaten. Eveything’s better and cheaper from a bit further from touristic areas.landscapeIt might seem like a deep look to this beautiful landscape, but actually I’m still just thinking of that pizza.

nelson mandela

Not to get caught by getting inside an abandoned building this is all of it. The whole experience of entering from window and glancing through past life felt like I was in a game. There were also chickens walking freely, randomly on the frontyard.


There’s a proof: Random mountain chicken appeared. Had to prove that they actually existed. Seems like I’ve been watching too much Orange is the new Black since I’m having similar problems as they’re doing.
random chicken

empireNext thing to do: Conquer the world.

It wasn’t yet all of it. We also found this fairytalish cave.caveluolamiesfairytale


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