Top 5 gifts for minimalists

Written by Sini

Nowadays even more and more people want to find peace and happiness to their life via giving up unnecessary things, stuff and time-consuming activities and finding minimalist lifestyle. Anyhow there are always parties like Christmas and Birthday when it’s almost impossible to come up with some idea what you could give for minimalists as a gift. This article won’t list the things propably most of the minimal gift articles list, like buy gift card for a restaurant or some kind of outdoor sports experience (although I’d love both of these actually). Instead, this list is top 5 absolutely minimal gifts. These gifts have only pros: they’re cheap, easy to carry and you don’t need to think too much whether they fit the gift receiver’s style! Let’s get started!

1.      Air guitar

Alright maybe I lied in the first paragraph: the gift can be an experience. This classical instrument is great to beginners as well as more practised guitarists! To list even some more pros of this, it can be played anytime and neighbours or family members won’t get bothered! You don’t either need to struggle with picking the right kind of model or color that would fit to the interiors.

2.      Donut holes

Nowadays people are changing their diet quite often and you may not know even of your friends whether they started for example gluten free life. Even if you bought gluten free products, some people may be so sensitive that even a tiny bit of flour would make them ill. Therefore this delicious gift is a safe option to anybody! You can also keep this in room temperature for quite many days without getting it any moldy!

3.      Invisibility cloak

No matter if you’re Harry Potter fan or not, admit it, this would be awesome! I know it would be very hard to give someone instead of keeping it youself, but that’s exactly why the person getting the gift will be super greatful!

4.      Dessert that is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and calorie free

Same applies to this as option 2, this lasts even months in room temperature without expiring! If your significant minimalist isn’t really a fan of dessert stuff, you can also vary this option to savoury version!

5.      Spirit gift (interpret as you wish)

Via the minimal lifestyle these people are surely trying to find some deeper spirituality and tranquillity to life. What could possibly be then a better gift than some kind of spiritual, rather than physical gift? Moreover, everyone likes spirits and especially minimalists get into deeper understanding of the world and existing when enjoying spirits via mouth, so this is a great option as well!


Hopefully this exceptionally minimal gift list turned the light on in your head for next anniversary of your minimal lifestyle friend.

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