Confidence based on sports

I have realized how my confidence, or body image, is quite often really dependent on the amount of physical activities I’ve been recently doing.  If I haven’t been very active,  I am easily not happy with my body, feeling fat and insecure about my physical condition. But once I train again, I usually feel much better. Especially if I train hard, when I notice again my ability to do things. Those kinds of big mood changes don’t make much sense since one or two work outs don’t actually change much. So it is more like for mental balance in that case.

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I find the trend nowadays to train for shaping body quite tricky. I am falling for that sometimes as well, but I find it quite demotivating. It is so much more based on diet, instead of sports. And when that training (obviously) doesn’t change much quickly on your looks, you start to feel insecure. It’s also the ideal nowadays, change as much as fast as you can. And of course it’s then demotivating when you’re training hard and nothing in the mirror changes. I’m also skeptical about pictures in which I am quite happy with my body because then I think it’s just the exposure or right angle (should think of this as well when browsing other’s pics in some).

Gymnastics agg competitionNow that I haven’t been dancing or doing gymnastics, I have also been motivated by the looks while training at the gym. Due to that, I feel like working out has become more like a compulsory thing to do, not something to purely enjoy. When training gymnastics or dance, that was the best activity of the day, now going to gym is just something to get done. I find it quite sad to lose the passion and motivation because of this superficial trend (and my own stupid mind giving a damn about such thing).

Intrinsic motivation is always better and longer-term than some extrinsic motivation, and that’s why I should aim for it again. (Not meaning training for looks is always extrinsic, can be deep-rooted desire for some, but not for me). When getting to Malta, I’ll try to find a way to dance, do gymnastics, or become passionate about some other activity. Like supping, which I fell in love with when trying it first time in Las Palmas two months ago.

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