How I met my boyfriend a year ago

Instead of How I met your mother, I thought of sharing how I met my boyfriend with whom I’m now living with in Malta. And, well since it’s Christmas time, I thought it’s cheesy enough time to share such an ugly-romantic, personal story. So, let me tell you what happened about a year ago.

It all started from lack of sun and wanderlust

I was living in Rovaniemi and therefore, I really had a need to see some sunlight. As friends couldn’t join for a holiday at the beginning of December (11.-18.12. to be precise), I decided to buy this one minute deal and travel alone. And that already is something I seriously recommend for people who haven’t traveled all by themselves yet! Traveling alone is awesome way to see the place, people and culture. Anyhow, this is not about solo traveling but about finding a travel mate 😉


The last weekend of my holiday we had decided to have a date with Matt. He came from Gran Canaria to Tenerife by ferry and we met with nice tapas and wine. It turned out to go so well that the last weekend of my holiday I spent with him. Anyhow, it was time to leave and he came with me all the way to the airport…

Flight missed for the first time

but somehow I missed my flight to Finland. Which is kinda hilarious when I had a lot of time and not even any luggage. Anyhow gate was closed a bit earlier than I thought. Oh well, I thought maybe Matt didn’t leave yet and we could figure something out together. Luckily he was still at the airport and we went to info desk to see whether there were any other flights to Finland.

When estimated price to go to Finland at the airport was like 900€, I decided to take a ferry with him to Las Palmas instead. Luckily I found cheap flight to Tampere from there in three days. I got to spend three more days in Las Palmas seeing his home, wandering in caves, eating tapas, drinking coffee and surfing first time ever! It was such an awesome continuation to the holiday that I don’t even have one single picture from those days.

Mission home for Christmas

At 22nd when heading home, flight was 3 hours late. Anyhow I got to Tampere but there was no public transport anymore to brother’s place in Tampere (as a poor student after all traveling wasn’t planning on taxi). Luckily I had chatted with a nice Finnish couple in plane and got a ride from them. It was such a nice and needed gesture that I still feel grateful I got it in freezing Finland in the middle of the night.

Mission home for Christmas continues

This little last minute trip to Tampere apparently seemed ideal for Christmas present shopping as well since brother lives nearby IKEA. At 23rd I still had a chance to buy presents for friends and family: seems like this was planned to be done this way!

christmas present

So I made it home right before Christmas with Christmas presents and sparkle in my eyes, hoping to meet this guy again. And this year I get to spend Christmas with him in our home in Malta!
Merry and Cheesy Christmas,


Rabbits breath together 🐰🐰

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